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Violoncello by Charles Ervin
Modeled after Stradivari Violoncello

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The brothers Hill in their classic biography, "Antonio Stradivari, his life and work", 1902, described the form of cello that Stradivari began making in 1707 as an ideal size, smaller and more manageable than his earlier bassetti which proved to be too large for virtuoso playing. He designated the form "forma B piccola." The Hills speak with great accuracy when they write:

"The supreme merit of violoncellos of this type, irrespective of their beauty of form, their purity of style, and finished workmanship, consists in the exactitude of proportions, which in their ensemble produce a tone result but rarely--we may perhaps say never--found in any other instruments of the many and various Italian makers. They stand alone in representing the exact dimensions necessary for the production of a standard of tone which combines the maximum of power with the utmost refinement of quality, leaving nothing to be desired: bright, full and crisp, yet free from any suspicion of either nasal or metallic tendency. No authority can speak on the subject of their tone with more weighty knowledge than Piatti, who, during a long career, possessed many fine violoncellos--more, perhaps, than any other artiste. He says, "... the differences of tone between my Stradivari and other recognized fine instruments are subtle, but I can only say that I obtain from the former a depth and nobility of tone which ever affords me a sense of contentment; in fact, there is a something unattainable elsewhere."

Among the most acclaimed of Stradivari's forma B cellos are the Piatti of 1720 and the Duport of 1711. Dr. Ervin was privileged to examine and measure these instruments in preparation for building his own cellos based on this ideal model.

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